Resources for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Maintaining your carpet is one of the most important things you can do for your home. We believe this is so important that we have put together some excellent resources for to use. Click on a resource below and you will be on your way to great flooring! CARPET SPOT REMOVAL GUIDE

Removing spots and stains from carpet can be simple or tedious depending upon the spot and how long it has been on the carpet. At times, multiple applications of the spot removal solution, or a second solution is required to clean the stain from the carpet.

Listed below is a general spot removal procedure to clean carpets. If you don’t know what caused the carpet stain, start with step 1. If you know the cause of the carpet stain, find the cause in the list and begin there.

Never use a circular motion to remove a spot as this destroys carpet texture.

To prevent carpet wick up, the final step should always be to rinse the carpet area with clear water, blot dry and put a white cotton terry cloth towel over the damp carpet area. Put a brick, or suitable weight object on the towel to keep the towel in contact with the carpet. This allows any carpet stain wicking up from the backing to go into the towels rather than remain on the carpet surface. Allow the carpet to dry, remove the brick and towels and brush up the pile.

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